Thursday, December 29, 2011

APLN is now ALN - Different Focus, Different Venue

Based on the change at the national level from APLN to ALN, and the effectiveness of their new focus on leadership level roles at the Agile 2011 conference, we have decided to follow suit.

The in-person, open meetings for practicing agilists (ScrumMasters and agile team members) at KBB, AAA and Neudesic are being replaced with invitations to roundtable forums for leadership roles. This meets a need in both our community and for the agile adoption efforts as a whole.

If you are an agile practitioners, I encourage you to attend the Agile SoCal events. I have been to them, and they are well attended, well run and have great topics.

If you are or know an agile business leader/sponsor for your organization, contact me for information on how to get invited to the new ALN leadership roundtables. If you are the agile implementation leader\coach at your organization, contact me to get involved in coaching circles.

As with any agile organization, we have to continue to inspect, learn and adapt. This change is living out what we advocate.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

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