Thursday, January 6, 2011

January - Scrum Roles in Action

In Scrum, there are three basic roles - Team member, Product Owner and ScrumMaster. Each role is defined with some basic specific rights and responsibilities and filling in the rest of what one is supposed to do is left as an exercise for the participants. In this workshop, we will review the rights and responsibilities for the Scrum three roles (plus stakeholders) and discuss what those roles look like when preformed well.

In addition, we participate in a short simulation highlighting the common communication modes between these roles and consider what is optimal for producing high-performing teams.

About the Presenter
Carlton Nettleton has been working with Agile teams beginning in 2001. He used Extreme Programming (XP) to deliver commercial products at a number of San Diego start-ups and later became more involved with Scrum after working at a large San Diego based defense contractor. He has been bringing lightweight, Lean tools into the Agile software development community after helping to develop FDA regulated medical devices. He has nearly ten years of experience working with software products and services in both a technical and business capacity. Carlton is a respected Agile thought leader in San Diego County, forming Extreme Programming San Diego (XPSD) in 2002. He became a Certified ScrumMaster in 2005 and a Certified Scrum Practitioner in 2009.

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